Tuesday, 31 July 2012

"It's Raining Again..."

The continuing story of what happened earlier this year after I gave up blogging. Life with Hubby...

Well, it’s rained for over three weeks. It rained while we were away in France non-stop and we have come back to soggy fields and a garden that resembles a lake. It just never seems to stop.
Hubby was looking surprisingly cheerful considering he has been thwarted by the weather, Hubby is a complete outdoor person and being stuck inside is the worst thing that can happen to him. He behaves like a caged animal and it is best if you leave him to his own devises.
“For a man who is trapped inside yet again, you seem to be in quite a, dare I say it, cheery mood,” I remarked, wondering if that would in fact be the wrong thing to say and would plunge him back into his grumpy mood.
“Hmmm,” he replied thoughtfully.
“Come on, I recognise that look. You are looking quite mischievous. What gives?”
Hubby slurped his coffee and paused for effect. I hate it when he does that. He knows I am dying to know what is going on.
“The council are sending someone to re-assess us for council tax,” he replied and took another slurp.
The last time we were assessed for council tax I had the devil’s own job trying to persuade the incompetent from the council that we only had three bedrooms. We lived in a long bungalow which was a converted cow barn. The young man from the council insisted that the house looked far too large to only have three bedrooms. The length was deceptive and was due to an extremely long hallway. The hall was so long I used to play football with my son down it. In the end I took the wretched man inside to prove my case.
I also fell foul of French authorities when we lived there. For some unfathomable reason they decided that a fallen down old barn that we used to house our car in was a habitable dwelling and insisted we paid tax on it.
I sent endless letters and photographs to prove that it was no more than a pile of stones with a badly tiled roof. In the end they sent an official letter threatening to take us to court. I had to jump on a plane to France and go and visit the council offices. They kept me waiting at the offices. I waited almost an hour to see someone who finally emerged from his office wiping bread crumbs from his shirt.
He waved his hands and accused me of having an extra house. I waved mine back and brandished photographs at him. He said the photographs could have been taken years ago. I screeched that there was no electricity or water to the building. How could anyone live there? He shrugged. I pouted. He grumbled. I became extremely cross and said that the only living creature in the barn was an owl and if he would like to send his rotten tax demand to the owl then he should.
In the end after a vociferous shouting match, I won. He promised to adjust the tax demand, promised that I would not go to court and explained it must have been a misunderstanding.
I was, therefore rather bemused by Hubby’s reaction to the impending visit from the council. This is the man who believes that we as all being 'shafted' for tax. He cannot comprehend why we should pay tax just to get our dustbins emptied once a fortnight. He’d been complaining about being re-assessed for tax for days.
“Uhm, forgive my stupidity, but why are you not snarling about the official coming?”
“Take a look outside. It is pouring down with rain. The garden is saturated. It is soaked. You can’t walk on it. Old ‘Snoopy Drawers’ isn’t going to be here long. He’ll not be able to take in what there is here at all. Normally, he’d prowl about and charge us for having a view or for having a garage. As it is, he’ll be too keen to get back to the office and dry out.”
Hubby was right. The official turned up, took a photograph of the building, said he was sure it was in the right band for tax and beetled off faster than you could say “How much?”
Finally, a wet day that didn’t dampen Hubby’s mood. I hope it stops soon though. I’m fed-up with being cooped up too, especially as I have given up blogging!


  1. The weather is a pain right now lol it's raining over here too. I might have to check so that I won't grow webbed toes. Btw...the book is on it's way and I cannot wait to start reading it :-)
    Have a lovely day (in spite of the weather)


    1. I'm fed up of wearing a coat and carrying an umbrella! Ah well - soon be Winter and I can wear warmer coat and furry boots :)
      Enjoy the book xx

  2. I share your pain. The weather here in Warsaw is hot sunshine, 30 degrees, daily, with the occasional thunderstorm to take the edge of the relentless heat :)

    *ducks before Carol has a chance to hit him*

    1. *Whack* Hits Chris over head with umbrella. xx

  3. Please send us your rain!!! on this side of the pond ... I have a grumpy hubby ... as he has to water the gardens daily to keep up with the extreme high temps we are getting this summer. Luckily we are able to use water from the stream - but the water pressure from the pump is low and takes hours to water the gardens. I'll be waiting to let him know I'm planning to add to more gardens ..lol... hope you are seeing sunshine soon!! xo C. (HHL)

    1. I have a grumpy husband because the garden is drowned, his boots are all muddy and the trees have gone yellow - want to swap? xx

  4. I'm glad that you finally came to the realization that giving up blogging is bad for ones psyche. Good job with the bureaucratic twit BTW.

  5. BODACIOUS said it all for me!!

  6. Guess I can't complain about the constant heat and sunshine here in South Florida, huh?

  7. Hi Carol. I enjoyed the story of your little brush with the French man, and glad that you came up trumps in the end. This summer really has been a total wash out, and so depressing for us all here in England. Last week, the sun shone (one week only!), but we are now back to normal. Hey ho!That's why we need you back here, you leetle mynx, to brighten our days and make us smile! x

  8. I knew it, the French are just too much to swallow, arrogant little snobs, aren't they? You must absolutely buy a vacation home where the sun shines, it is too depressing to get rained out during summer. I hear Italy gets lots of sunshine....lol

  9. I loved hearing how you one-upped the tax man! Nasty creatures that they are! haha. It's good to know that the rainy weather worked in your favor! And now we know where all the rain went!

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