Thursday, 2 August 2012

"We're Almost There..."

With only two weeks to the official launch of Surfing in Stilettos it's time to get the ball rolling. I have a few things planned but first I would like to share the official book trailer with you.
As you know there have been various versions bobbing about in cyber space as I attempted to work out how to make a book trailer video for a tutorial I posted on Indies Unlimited. If you want to know how to make a 30 second video (for a present for someone - wedding, birthday, celebration or a even book trailer for free click on the link here and I will guide you through the very simple and enjoyable process.

Anyway, back to the official trailer. I have Cathy Helms from Avalon Graphics to thank profusely for this. Hubby likes this one a lot. What about you?


  1. Only two more weeks woohoo! My copy is on it's way :-) The trailer is good!
    Have a great day my friend!


  2. Good morning leetle friend. tres bon! Sorry I couldn't get the little accent over the e! I'm glad that wine featured very heavily in this leetle trailer! It left us on a cliffhanger which is good. I hope that people will rush out in their droves to buy your new masterpiece!! x

    1. I have trouble with my accents too my leetle friend. Thank you so much for the wonderful review you left on Amazon - I was away when you posted it and couldn't do your kindness justice.
      Wine had to feature, didn't it? xx

  3. WOW! Carol, that was great. I'll buy one for sure. But, would it be an imposition for me to send you both of them to autograph?

    However, I wanted to let you know:
    After two years of blogging I am about to call it quits. Most of the stuff I have posted this year was written before my dad died. I can't seem to come up with new stories. If I do I will start up again.

    Now that I am no longer need to care for him I have had to find a way to cycle myself back into the life outside of these walls. I have gradually dipped my toes into that world and find that I am too busy to write. But, more importantly, I find that I am too busy to continue a relationship with all of you bloggers out there. I hate not commenting regularly!

    Although it was you guys that literally got me through these last two years it seems so rude of me to not get around to reading and encouraging you, like you did me. I hope to remedy that soon. When school starts I plan to get pack to substituting, and with that, back to a regular schedule of some sort. That schedule will include a time to re-enter the blogging sphere to keep up with my many mentor's antics.

    I am sending this to each of you as I want to thank you for your friendship and kindness.

  4. Loved the video! Your book just arrived--I'll read it tonight!!! THANK YOU!!

  5. Here you go again making me feel like a slacker. Congratulations Miss Carol. Are you throwing another big party?

  6. Love the trailer! Can't wait to read your book. But first, I must order it! I want to share your link on making a trailer with my daughter. She just finished her first book and is also, just now, on Amazon. Good luck with your book. Looking forward to the 18th!

  7. Love the trailer. Good luck with the book! Sounds perfect for a holiday read.

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