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It is my great pleasure to introduce you to a fellow ThornBerry Publishing author. Today sees the release of her long awaited debit novel A Kettle of Fish. I am most fortunate that she has taken time out of a very busy schedule today to come and visit me here. Ali Bacon, welcome to the blog. I hope Hubby has put enough sugar in that cup of tea for you. Please relax, take a deep breath and then, if you don't mind, answer the rapid fire round:

‘Back Jacks’ or ‘Fruit Salads’? 
Difficult! I do like anything liquoricey, but black teeth probably not a good look at my age so will have to go fruity, unless I can beg rainbow drops instead?

Tom and Jerry or Deputy Dawg?
Tom & Jerry win hands down. Mum and Dad didn’t usually watch cartoons with us but it must have been on just after the News and we actually watched as a family.
‘Tarzan’ or ‘Daktari’? (Who couldn’t love Clarence the cross-eyed lion? If you don’t remember these then you are far too young to appear on my blog!)
No problems on the age front as you have probably noticed, and yes, Clarence is the one for me!

The Bay City Rollers or Slade?
Oo er, more difficult, I mean I have  a cultural attachment to tartan, but bovver boots? I don’t think so, so I’m opting for Slade, and anyone else  who  gets us oldies up  on the floor with hands in the air - Hi Ho Silver Lining, Spirit in the Sky, Come on Eileen ….and Don’t Stop me Now … or maybe you better had! 

Sorry, I was just about to join in and sing along. Good thing you stopped. Can you tell us a short joke? 
Well sorry but it has to be golf.
Wife: You spend too much time thinking about golf! Do you even remember the day we got married?
Husband: Of course I do! It was the same day I sank that 45-foot putt.
Please note that in our house the above roles could easily be reversed.

If you compiled a list of your favourite comedy shows what would be at the top of your list?
Well at my age there are so many to choose from (!) and some (2.4 Children and perhaps My Family) are very much of their time. I think I’ll have to cheat and pick three. All time classic for me is Porridge, which never fails to get me laughing,  for sheer inventiveness (and as long as Hugh Laurie is in it!) Blackadder and finally, Dinner Ladies. The writing and the casting were superb with just that touch of pathos in the on/off romance between Bren and the cook.

What was the first record you ever purchased?
I don’t know I ought to reveal the depths of my teenage uncoolness but I think it was a compilation album of recent hits, bought just after the Christmas when I got my first (actually only) record player (which was in a grey box with a checked lid and I can still remember its smell! ) Tracks on the album included The Foundations Build me up Buttercup and Donovan Colours (!)

Hubby has just gone off to search for his record player. He has an identical one to the one you described. I wonder if it would be worth anything on the Antiques Roadshow. What one crazy thing would you like to do before you are too old to do it?
I don’t know about craziness, but travel is high on the list. I have just ticked off New York – amazing! But I sponsor a child in the developing world and would also love to go there. But I don’t kid myself that this is altruism, just curiosity about other places and other lives.

What is your happiest childhood memory?
Our family (Mum, Dad, Big Sis) used to sometimes go on a summer expedition which involved a train ride, a ferry crossing and a walk through woods to get to a deserted beach. Our destination wasn’t so very far in miles but it felt like a true adventure. On the walk we pretended we were in the TV western Wagon Train. (This was probably to stop me asking how much farther it was to go!)

I love all this reminiscing and Hubby is enjoying singing' Bye Bye Baby' but it is time for some more serious answers now:
Damn – I’ve been enjoying the fun stuff!

What genre do you write?
Mainstream contemporary fiction – the hardest kind to sell! In fact I’m branching out into historical fiction now.

Who is your favourite character in your books?
Apart from my heroes and heroines, I often have a soft spot for a secondary character, most recently my heroine’s best mate Faye, who ended up with a bigger role than expected. At the end of A Kettle of Fish I feel she is the one with a journey ahead of her.

Where do you think up your ideas for stories?
Thinking of them doesn’t really work, I have to wait for them to arrive, which is really not often enough for my liking. A swim and a sauna sometimes helps!

What do you do to help you concentrate on writing?
Coffee ( can you see my hand trembling?!)

Could you know tell us something that doesn’t show up on the loveahappyending.com website. Surprise us!
After university, Ali Bacon went underground- to the subterranean book stacks of the Bodleian Library in Oxford. Since emerging into the daylight, she has thrown herself into work, marriage, tennis, golf and writing, not necessarily in that order and sometimes all at once. 2.4 children have also left the nest, although she is steeled for the possibility that one or more may come back. Her most noteworthy achievement has been on the golf-course where she has had  two hole-in-ones, and she’d be perfectly happy to make it three.

Ali, it's been a huge pleasure having you here. I know you have to rush off and visit others today. Very good luck with your new book which is an extremely good read. 

Ali's debut novel A Kettle of Fish published by Thornberry Publishing, is officially released today and has already received rave reviews. Here's a little insight into it:

She’s running as fast as she can, but the past is catching up.
Ailsa has just left school and should be living it up on a summer trip, but her plans are scuppered by her needy and secretive mother Lorraine. In desperation she takes up with local fishmonger Ian. He’s good for her soul and her sex-life, but their future is blighted by the shadow of Ailsa’s absent father Tom, an art-teacher who left home after making the papers in the worst possible way. Ian eventually blots his copy book and Lorraine is implicated in his treachery. Ailsa takes off for Edinburgh where Shane, a picture rights dealer with more than a touch of the night, is happy to provide a job and a bed. With him Ailsa lets go of her inhibitions, but can she let go of her past? 
A Kettle of Fish moves from the East coast of Fife to the art galleries of Edinburgh, where Ailsa finds herself fishing for clues about Tom.

A Kettle of Fish can be purchased at Amazon. The links are below.

Amazon UK

You can find out more about Ali at her website: http://alibacon.com
or follow her on Twitter: @AliBacon


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  2. Hell Carol - sorry to be a bit late for my own launch but good to see a guest has already arrived ;)
    Actually I don't like tea but have brought along a cappucchino from a well-known chain just to keep up my energy levels.
    thanks so much for this fun way to celebrate 'Kettle ' coming into the world.

    1. Hubby is no good at making tea so it's just as well you have your own cappuccino. I guessed that's what it was because they always make Hubby drool. It's the chocolate on the top that does it.
      You've been a great guest and I hope 'Kettle' has huge success.

  3. Engaging and fun post and some of my favourite things too mentioned. I am an out and out Tom & Jerry fan. Thank you, ladies. Good luck with the book, Ali.

    1. That makes three of us - four if you count Hubby. We even have Tom and Jerry DVDs in our cupboard which we watch when there is little on television. They should bring back the old cartoons.
      Thanks for coming by Kit and any time you need to borrow a DVD you know where to come. xx

  4. Great interview ladies.

    Build me up Buttercup is a fav of mine.

    You are reminding me of comedies from days gone by with 2.4 children etc. I think outnumbered is the new 2.4 and very dry and funny.

    carol x

    1. Anything that can put a smile on our faces is welcome these days Carol. Just off to visit your fab blog where I believe you have a giveaway of this fantastic novel.

  5. OMG how did I forget Outnumbered? Absolutely love it, but probably another one that's very much of its time/generation. Strangely (?) my children just don't get it!
    Ali B

    1. My son only gets Mrs Brown and Lee Evans...my mother, however, adores Outnumbered.

  6. You can go fruity, Ali, we don't mind. You've just reminded me someone nominated me to sing 'Come on Eileen' at a New Year karaoke bash. Cringe-making it most definitely was. Fab post, ladies. Always make me smile, Carol! :) xx

    1. Now that I would have loved to see (or even hear!). I wonder if I'll be able to persuade you one day to repeat that act. thanks Sheryl you are always wonderful to me and boost my confidence. x

  7. Build me up, Buttercup and Daktari ~ you've totally made my day. HUGE congratulations on your official release day, Ali! X

    1. Ah the good old days! I can't stop singing that song now. very frustrating (for Hubby!). Thanks Nicky xxx

  8. Hi Nicky and Sheryl - these posts are such fun to do when Carol is in charge - thanks for visiting.

    1. Oh-oh head beginning to swell...watch out everyone!

  9. Now I'm going to have that "Buttercup" song running in my head all day. Thanks! And thanks for the intro to this author!

    1. You can sing along with me Betty.... :)

  10. Fun interview! You gals are a hoot. Thrilled for your launch, Ali. Reading your book (iPad currently charging) and looking forward to St Andrews Day when I'm hosting you on my blog.

    1. Aw thank you. I shall have to pop along and see you there Melanie. MY iPad keeps losing its charge!

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  12. I can't believe I'll be 50 in a few weeks!

    Loved that interview, every question and answer brought a smile to my face!

    Funny Texts, Funny Pics & Funny Videos

    1. Welcome to a new world where you can behave badly and not care anymore. Let us know the date Simon ...we love a party!


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