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A chilly grey day here but I am very happy because I have in front of me the wonderful Linn B Halton who is, among other things,  an outstanding author. 
Welcome Linn. I'm going to leap straight into the quick round questions to get you relaxed while Hubby makes us cocoa. I wish he'd put the heating on. Sitting in five jumpers is not the same as having a warm house. 

Clangers or the Wombles?
Magic Roundabout, sorry! I did have a fluffy Womble, actually made it myself from a Style pattern – think it was Uncle Bulgaria but I really wasn’t into them and the Clangers confused the heck out of me! I can remember wanting one of those annoying whistles….

The Persuaders with Roger Moore and Tony Curtis or The Professionals with Martin Shaw and Lewis Collins (drool!)
The Professionals every time! Roger Moore was great in The Saint, but I didn’t rate him as James Bond and felt he was just playing ‘The Saint’ all over again.

Mousetrap or Hungry Hippos?

Barry White or Barry Manilow?
Barry White because he was cool and a romantic. Those dark, mysterious eyes…

Can you tell us a short joke?
Too x-rated??? Why do men get their great ideas when they are in bed? Because they are plugged into a genius.

II shall refrain from making any comment in front of Hubby. (Snigger). 

What makes you laugh most?
I love the Modern Family and I particularly love Mitchell and Cameron. Some sit coms lose their ‘oomph’ but I’ve yet to watch an episode I didn’t love.

You are standing in front of a Pick ‘n’ Mix stand which sweets are you most likely to choose? (I’d go for those Gummi Bears – yum!)
Pink shrimps, white mice or strawberry shoe laces… scrummy!

What was the first film you ever went to see at the cinema? (My Granddad took me to see a John Wayne western when I was 5. The usher declared I wasn’t old enough to see it as you had to be over 11. Grandfather told him I was plenty old enough to see a good western and that was that – I went in)
The earliest memory I have is going to the cinema on Saturdays to the special ‘children’s matinee’. I can remember Tom & Jerry cartoons, but little else! I’m sure there must have been the odd film or two… it was at least two hours long!

I used to go to matinees too. Ah! The good old days... Right, onto some questions about you and your books:

What genre do you write?
Contemporary romance (relationships/love/life baggage), psychic romance and one ‘true story’. I also wrote one that has been described as ‘chick lit without the fluff’! ‘Life, love and beyond… but it’s ALWAYS about the romance’. I am a romantic at heart and I like a book to be uplifting, so despite the struggles and the setbacks I have to know there is a happy ending. Life can be very stressful and sad at times, so I write stories that I like to think will take the reader into the lives of some interesting characters and give them a break from ‘real life’.

Who is your favourite character in your books?
For sheer fun factor Katherine Dale from The Quintessential Gemini. I’m a Gemini and I also read my horoscopes daily, weekly, monthly yearly and have a full 10 year reading – ooops, don’t we sound similar? I wouldn’t say I live my life according to my horoscope, as Katherine happens to do, but I am guided by it. If there’s a good spell coming up for me astrologically then I use it. If there’s a spell where the alignments are not good, I’m being told that making decisions could result in problems ahead, then I wait a while. With The Quintessential Gemini I took it that couple of steps further. Katherine relies upon her stars to guide her life, but when someone new begins writing the horoscopes she’s totally thrown. I’ve followed the same astrologer for 25 years and whenever I look at anyone else, I don’t quite feel ‘in tune’ with their style. A story was borne!

Where do you think up your ideas for stories?
Anywhere, anytime, anyplace. All I can say is never accept a lift from me in the car, you might find you inspire a new character! That’s how The Restaurant @ The Mill began, giving a friend a lift and she just happened to run a restaurant. I needed a setting, a vehicle to be able to ‘complete’ some of the stories of side characters in my earlier novels. A restaurant was the perfect setting. I was also able to include a real-life psychic experience and it has six individual stories plus a cameo appearance from a young spirit. There are inter-linking threads that anyone who has read my debut novel, Touched By The Light, might pick up on as a bonus, although it’s a complete read within itself.

What do you do to help you concentrate on writing?
All I need is uninterrupted time and I could write non-stop. Unfortunately I rarely have that, so I have to fit it in when I can. Most of my time is spent running and .org, which has become almost a full-time job. However, I believe it has already helped a number of the group move forward with their writing careers and it has become my second family.

Could you please put a few brief words about you - something that doesn’t show up on the website. Surprise us!
I have a box full of ballroom and Latin American dancing medals and trophies. I began dancing at the age of eight and had a partner at the age of eleven. My father spent a lot of money as I had classes at least four nights of the week and personal training. When I met my husband at the age of sixteen, I gave up virtually overnight. I did miss dancing, it was my life - but my future husband had two left feet and he was my future! My favourite dance (and one I have the Blue Riband for) is the pasa doble. 

Gosh! I am seriously impressed, especially as I have two left feet. Linn you have been a fantastic guest and I wish you continued success with all of your novels. I read The Restaurant @ The Mill and loved it. I am very keen to get my hands on the others now, especially your latest release.

Linn is the gifted author of several novels including:

Touched By The Light, The Quintessential Gemini, The Restaurant @ The Mill and Being A Sceptic Is Oh So easy. She also has a newly released special collection ‘Touched By The Light’. Purchase links are below. 

Touched by Collection. This collection brings together two very separate books, one work of romantic fiction and the true story of why author Linn B Halton believes in the existence of life after death. The thread running through Touched By The Light is a celebration of life and love, but the author also strives to make us think about a possible connection between this life and the next. Being A Sceptic Is Oh So Easy isn't meant to encourage people to believe, but celebrates some wonderful moments that have happened in Linn's life. Uplifting moments she never wants to forget.... and the two books therefore sit very well side by side.
Free bonus - read two chapters of Linn's forthcoming psychic novel Never Alone - "It’s a gift to be shown something that allows you to make a difference and alter the outcome of someone’s life. However, the weight of the responsibility that goes along with that is huge and what about the ethics? The thing I have to ask myself, is how did my actions change the future?"
Visit Linn’s authorpage 
Twitter Account @LinnBHalton  
Facebook Linn BHalton Author Page 
Loveahappyending Bookshelf page
Sapphire Star Publishing Page  

Thank you very much for being here today. I hope that wasn’t too dull or annoying. 
You are never dull and annoying! You should be writing sitcom scripts lady!
(Facing 50 blushes deeply)


  1. Great responses and just love the joke, Linn. I didn't know you were a ballroom queen like me! And I too gave it all up for a boy. My one biggest regret! And well done, Carole, this is such a fun blog spot, I enjoy every one. :)

  2. You ladies are so talented. Every time I interview you I am open-mouthed in astonishment. One day, when we all meet up(how about next weekend?)you'll have to teach me to dance.
    Many thanks Kit. Your comment made me go pink with pride.

  3. Morning ladies! Popped to Doctors and missed getting the first comment in - the next step in my dodgy left wrist saga... don't ask! Fab to be here with the lovely Carol and can't wait to meet up with you and more members of the gang next weekend!! Kit- I gave Carol two jokes, one clean and this one ... KNEW which one she'd pick!! Wish I could still trip the light fantastic - I sometimes dream about it... ah!

    1. Darn - you know me too well Linn! I had hoped that the wrist problem was better so I am sorry to hear it is still playing you up.
      You are a wonderful guest and you can come back any time you like, especially if you have any more of those shrimps and naughty jokes!
      Really looking forward to seeing you both next weekend. Just got my train ticket :D

  4. I just about remember The Professionals - showing off my youth LOL! And Doyle was one of the baby names we had in case we had a boy! Love white mice too!

    Great post!

    Mandy x

    1. You are a mere baby Mandy compared to me.
      Doyle is a brilliant name for a boy. I wish I had thought of it at the time I had my son.
      Look forward to hearing you sing next weekend. x

  5. Yes, I see glitterball lights and sequins at the next lahe meet-up! Linn - I am impressed - dancing is so much harder than it looks - for me anyway. also looking forward to reading the Quintessential Gemini - as I am one too.Well done ladies and that joke is stored in my memory for when I next need it!
    Ali B

    1. Thanks Ali - try the joke out on the golf course next time you go. It might help put off the competitors and make them swing wide :)

  6. Well I'm even more wide eyed in admiration for you Linn, after reading this interview. I didn't know you had been a dancer - although you certainly have the poise. Now I'm a bit worried because I've been in the car with you - and so if you are inspired - please be kind!

    Janice xx

    1. Me too Janice - you ladies are such an inspiration. Is there no end to your talents?

  7. Great interview. thanks for introducing us to another author!

    1. You are welcome - thank you for coming by and leaving me a message Eva - always lovely to hear from you. I noticed you entered the Flash Fiction at Indies this week. Yes, I voted for your entry:)

  8. OOOHHH--another author to look into! THANKS!!

    1. I know quite a few more fishcuky - hope your Kindle isn't full yet!

  9. I agree, Linn. Our characters are all around us and we never know when we may run into the hero of next novel.
    Enjoyed your books!

    1. Bit worried about my latest one. She's a handful and keeps getting me into trouble :)

  10. Mmmm white mice... what a fun interview and some interesting facts from Linn - I shall be expecting great things from you on the dance floor next week!

    1. You and me both Emma. Look forward to seeing you there too.

  11. Ooh, Linn's going to pasa doble around her handbag! Yay! Love it! Linn, that joke! Bad girl! ;) Sadly, I spent too much time trying to decide between Martin and Lewis to conentrate on the plot. My eyes were elsewhere. :) xx

    1. Lewis...always Lewis...that pout! Hope you are bringing a large handbag - I'l be dancing too and I need a lot of room :)

  12. Loved the joke, Linn! And not to worry, not too x-rated. Told the hubby (yes, he's not snoring on the couch) and his response was oooohhh...

  13. Wow, Linn.... you never cease to amaze me. I bet you can still dance now.... you dance in your novels and at LAVE. Brilliant blog. Thank you, Linn and Carol.

    1. Thanks Harriet - very nice to see you here and many thanks for leaving a lovely comment.


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