Friday, 23 November 2012

"Upside Down, You Turn Me..."

I am all over the place this week. I have been sat behind the computer typing like a maniac all week and seem to have lost my grasp on reality.
Today's little post is just to keep you up to date with things.
     As you know last Saturday I was at The Festival Of Romance in Bedford. At one point in the day I agreed to pose for the cover of Sheryl Browne's next book called A Little Bit of Madness. You may remember that Sheryl appeared here earlier this year and was a spiffing guest. Well, I love Sheryl's writing and for fun I had my picture taken making a silly face. Yes, I know, I always make silly faces. I can't help it. It's the child in me.
     I noticed that the picture has appeared in a competition on Facebook. Not only has it appeared but if enough people 'like' my picture I'll be the actual over model for the book. At the moment I am winning - Poor Sheryl!
     If you are on Facebook and feel so inclined please click on the link below and vote 'like' under my mug in the gallery of hopefuls. You know how shy and retiring I am. I'll need your vote to boost my confidence. (Please don't snigger.) If you are not on Facebook, the photo is above. I certainly suit the title if nothing else.
     Either way, I would really like to wish Sheryl good luck with this next book. I'll be waiting for it to be published and grabbing a copy as soon as it is.
Link to Facebook Competition: HERE

     It's been an exciting week in many ways. I can't let any cats out of the bag yet but I'll be making an announcement over the weekend about something that will appeal to you all - oh yes, it will
     News on my latest book. It has just gone off to some wonderful people who have agreed to beta read it for me and check through for errors and continuity problems. I'll be talking about it next week because I'll need your input, as usual.


  1. I 'like' your mug-shot, Carol, but you do know that if the wind changes you'll be stuck like that forever!

    Janice xx

    1. That's exactly what Hubby said Janice! And then followed it by the comment "Too late!"
      Thanks for 'liking' the shot. I really wanted to let people know about Sheryl's new book so this seems a good a way as any. xx

  2. I gave you my vote--yours is certainly the most deserving picture!!

    1. Is that a good thing? I can always count on you fishducky. Thank you. xx

  3. You've got my vote you leetle mynx - as always! Can't wait to hear all about your new book.

  4. I'm not on facebook, but I hope you win and get to stay on the cover of the book.


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